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We can say that this is our deepest diving point among those in Çeşme. This is a diving point where we enjoy our deep dives and giving deep diving trainings. This diving point is located at the Northern tip of Eşek (Donkey) Island. We can explore this area through 3 different routes. The rock that creates a natural passage with its form that is separated from land stands as a rock crevice and this is where it gets its name from. The area that we know as the flight wall falls from 35 meters to 42 meters. The creatures that live in the indentations in the wall, especially the crustaceans are worth a visit. There is another low wall that starts from the shore at 18 meters and gets as deep as around 26 meters and it provides great views for the divers at the beginning level. It is possible to see many Ottoman anchors and amphorae in this diving area and it is one of the richest areas in terms of sea life. This is the passing point of many sea creatures because it faces the open sea, which is one of the reasons for the variety in different species. While this area is also perfect for underwater photography, it is also a diving point where divers of all levels can experience a visual feast.