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This diving point is an island that hides a magical cave inside it and we go around it in a full circle to complete our dive. A stone arch meets us at the beginning of the cave. We go under the arch and head towards the cave. This provides stunning views especially for underwater photographers. This is one of the places that we visit the most for our underwater photography courses. Shoals of bream accompany us while we cross under the arch. As we turn left we come upon the mouth of the cave approximately at 6 meters. The walls that are covered with sponges are ideal for macro and wide-angle shooting. We are certain the riot of colors that you see with get you even more excited. There is a window in the cave in the shape of a dome. The flickering lights that reflect from there show us again that we have opened the doors of a magical world once again. When we exit the cave and carry on to the left we keep going along a flat wall at around 14-15 meters. If we are lucky, it is possible that the barracudas that are some distance ahead will come and circulate around us. This beautiful diving point and our boat dives are open to 1*, 2*, 3* divers who have been successful in our diving courses or experienced divers who have equivalent badges. Our dives at this point last approximately 45-50 minutes.