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Our underwater adventure began in 1953 when the center was founded by İlhan Koçluoğlu. We worked hard and endeavored to present the underwater to people and get them to love it.

We conducted scuba diving tours and trainings in various cities for years. After we traveled to, saw and explored many diving sites in Turkey, we couldn’t resist the underwater world of Çeşme and decided to continue our dives here. The center began operating at Altın Yunus Resort & Thermal Hotel in 1995.

Profesyonel eğitmen kadromuz ile hala Altın Yunus Tesislerinde hizmet vermekteyiz. Aynı Zamanda Çeşme Yıldız Burnu Limanında bulunan 25 Kişi kapasiteli teknemizde birbirinden güzel dalış noktalarımıza bizleri götürmek için hazır bulunmaktadır.

We still operate from Altın Yunus Resort with our professional training staff. Our boat in Çeşme Yıldız Burnu Harbour with a capacity of 25 passengers is also ready to take us to diving sites each more beautiful than the other. We have a private beach in Altın Yunus Resort and a small cove.

We are able to perform dives in all weather conditions in this area. This is a perfect area especially for our test dives and training dives. It is also a very convenient area for night dives and underwater photography. This is where our students who participate in our periodical underwater photography courses develop themselves and become specialists.

We suggest you not to miss our backgammon tournaments that mostly take place in the summer. We organize the backgammon tournament in a special area that we build underwater. We have surprises for our friends who come first that they wouldn’t forget.

That is not all. We organize events underwater that would make your birthdays, marriage proposals and other special moments unforgettable.

If you want to give a new direction to your life, open the doors to another world and take a step into that magical environment and take that infinite freedom in your hands, we are here for you.